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  据约旦王宫27日发表的声明,阿卜杜拉二世当天发布命令,解散国民议会众议院、参议院,并任命新一届参议院议长和议员。新任参议院议长仍由上任参议长费萨尔·法耶兹担任。,  特朗普26日宣布提名时,称之为“确实非常自豪的时刻”,称巴雷特为拥有“卓越才智”和“对宪法的忠诚”的女人。他还说,巴雷特是“我们国家最杰出的法律人才之一。”,Chinese experts and senior officials believe that the goal, as a guide to green development, will "force" China to transition its economic development and promote high-quality development, bringing benefits to environment and people.,Pandey: Both sides have been working very hard. Prefeasibility study had already been started, especially in Kathmandu. Because of the pandemic, the work has been slowed down. But work will be accelerated once the pandemic is controlled. Both sides are doing the paper work nowadays. They"re in communication to develop the plan on the program. ,At the second central work conference on Xinjiang in May 2014, Xi called for "nets spread from the earth to the sky" to defend against terrorist acts in Xinjiang, and urged the region to strengthen precautions and international anti-terrorism cooperation. ,China won"t "bend over" to the US" aggression, however, because if it did so, other countries might follow the US" lead and push Chinese firms with the same excuses, and they may even go further than the US did, said Zuo Xiaodong, vice president of the China Information Security Research Institute.

据欧联网援引欧联通讯社报道,截至当地时间27日18时,意大利累计确诊病例升至309870例,其中死亡病例35835例,现存病例49618例。当天,意大利海军方面确认,正在海上执行任务的“玛格蒂尼号”(Margottini)护卫舰上60名官兵确诊,舰船已提前返回基地。,,  美国《政治报》26日报道,特朗普和拜登派出的代表经“友好协商”决定,鉴于当前疫情仍在美国肆虐,两人29日晚不会依照传统在辩论开始前握手,也不会改用碰肘完成这一仪式,因为双方阵营都觉得碰肘“别扭”。,  最终,案件获得了胜利。在70年代金斯伯格接手的300多件涉及性别歧视的案件中,最终有6件将被移交联邦最高法院,其中5件获胜。,  或许我们应该在纷扰杂音中,  团结合作、共克时艰,In the first half of 2020, the operating revenue of network performance businesses nationwide reached 42.73 billion yuan, up 34 percent year-on-year.
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