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,"We were offered a free extra dose of the Ad5-nCoV vaccine to intensify our immune response against the virus, and as far as I know, at least 80 volunteers signed up," Zhu Aobing, 28, one of the volunteers, told the Global Times on Sunday.,  75年后,On the contrary, the CNBG inactivated vaccines, as well as a recombinant vaccine developed by mainland vaccine producer CanSino Biotech Inc., can be transported with the island"s current cold chain facility of 2-8 C temperatures, Tao Lina, a Shanghai-based immunological expert, told the Global TChina"s earliest COVID-19 vaccine volunteers were offered a second dose on Sunday to strengthen their immunity after getting their first one in March. Volunteers will start a new one-year observation after the injection and their blood samples will be collected at least five times to measure their antibody levels.,  就在金斯伯格去世的次日,美国总统特朗普便公开表示将提名一名女性保守派候选人来填补金斯伯格的空位,并要求负责相关事宜的美国参议院全速加快任命流程。此举立即遭到了民主党人的强烈反对。民主党人认为,在美国大选仅剩下一个多月时匆忙挑选替代金斯伯格的人选,这样做并不合适,且缺乏可操作性。,As of mid-September, flight bookings for major domestic routes were up more than 200 percent from the previous month, and the most popular trains were fully booked, Ctrip said.,  以色列确诊病例超22万。以色列卫生部总干事列维表示,最近几天,病毒测试呈阳性比率接近15%。他认为,以色列不会很快解除封锁,恢复正常的生活与教学活动。,In the wake of an emergency hearing on Sunday, US District Judge Carl Nichols granted TikTok"s request for a temporary restraining order against a ban by the Trump administration. ,  2000年,共和党总统候选人小布什与民主党总统候选人戈尔的选情陷入严重胶着。在佛罗里达州,戈尔的普选票数仅落后小布什1784票。根据佛州法律,如果候选人所得票数差距在0.5%以内,需重新点票,但遭到共和党人的强烈反对。最终,在当年12月,保守派大法官人数占优的最高法院做出裁决,不再重新计票,小布什由此成为第43任美国总统。

This is not a matter of a regional question. It is a matter of understanding and helping each other. Both China and India are our neighbors. Neighbors should not be afraid of one another. Instead, we have to join hands, develop an understanding, and move forward with cooperation conforming to mutual benefits. ,Some Western media have also been hyping up the education reform and recent events in the region. ,  穆阿利姆26日以预录视频方式在联合国大会一般性辩论上发言,指认美方制裁“不人道”。他强调,新冠疫情下,美方制裁阻碍拯救生命的药物和设备进入叙利亚。他呼吁所有遭受美方单边制裁的国家团结起来反对制裁。,Pandey: Sometimes it happens. China and India are two neighbors; Nepal and China are neighbors; Nepal and India are also neighbors. In the territory between Nepal and India, we had some long, outstanding problems. ,Dangerous precedent
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