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A former official at the state railway transportation bureau confessed in court in June of taking bribes for seven years before fleeing to Canada in 2013. ,For the first time in 18 months, there is real hope in sight for Boeing"s 737 MAX aircraft to fly again, according to some Western media reports.,  亚美尼亚国防部27日晚发布消息称,纳卡冲突导致16名官兵死亡,超过100人受伤。亚美尼亚总理帕什尼扬在脸书中称,阿塞拜疆在冲突中损失惨重,亚军击落4架阿方直升机、大约15架无人机,摧毁10辆坦克和1辆步战车。阿塞拜疆通讯社援引阿国防部消息报道说,亚美尼亚的12个防空导弹系统在战斗中被摧毁,阿方一架武装直升机被击落,机组人员幸存。,,  叙利亚外交部长瓦利德·穆阿利姆26日指责美国以制裁“扼杀”叙利亚,就像“扼杀乔治·弗洛伊德和其他人一样”。,  9月26日,美国东部时间下午5时,特朗普总统在白宫正式宣布了他的最高法院大法官提名。艾米·科尼·巴雷特正式获得提名成为最高法院下一任大法官。根据美国宪法,最高法院的大法官由总统提名,随后参议院召开听证会,最后经100名参议员投票后,获得过半数投票的提名者将获得总统的最终任命。自特朗普上台以来,已连续任命了两位保守派人士出任最高法院的大法官。,Leading green development

What the US is doing is waiting for vaccines or possible herd immunity, analysts said.,In a move to protect its own interests and security, China in August added algorithms to its export control list for the first time. On September 19, the country also issued provisions for its long-awaited first "unreliable entity list," aiming to penalize foreign entities and individuals that undermine China"s national interests and Chinese firms" legitimate rights.,Modern enterprises are all growing up in this new age of globalization. They are all linked in the global supply chain. The US can command key Western companies, and thus exert a considerable degree of control over supply chains. It can cut off key supplies to Chinese high-tech companies at any time. This is a fundamental threat to China.
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