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He also said China will not sit idly by and allow its national sovereignty, dignity and development space to be undermined. Instead, China will firmly safeguard its legitimate rights and interests and uphold international equity and justice.,In a report titled "Xinjiang"s System of Militarized Vocational Training Comes to Tibet" released by Jamestown Foundation on Tuesday, the US think tank claimed that China is pushing Tibetan rural laborers off the land and into "military-style" training centers, where they are turned into factory workers. The report was written by Adrian Zenz, a so-called scholar who took the lead in accusing China of "detaining" Uygurs. Zenz said turning Tibetan rural laborers into factory workers is the "most clear and targeted attack on traditional Tibetan livelihoods." Reuters corroborated Zenz"s report on Tuesday by trying to further verify China"s "mass labor program in Tibet.",As the US most important regional allies in terms of strategic and international defense cooperation, the two countries will accelerate their pace in building a quasi-alliance. The two countries will further deepen their "special strategic partnership" in the future. That is clear. ,Both sides are expected to prepare for two scenarios, and continue logistical and troop deployments behind the border, Qian said.,Yu Chengtao, a deputy director general of the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS), told media on Wednesday that the Chinese government has accepted the request of the UN and would send a 160-member permanent peacekeeping police team to Abyei in Sudan soon. This would also be the first deployment of China"s permanent peacekeeping police team.,A viral video of an H-6K bomber released by the People"s Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force on Saturday has made headlines in many Western media outlets. They allege that the video shows "simulated attack on a US Air Force base on Guam." This is over-interpretation.,"Raw materials for hair products are mainly imported, for example from Southeast Asia, and some are bought from hair salons or people who sold their hair for money in cities across China," he said.

And their joint press release made no mention of "complete disengagement" of their troops, which indicates that their previously reached consensus lost efficacy following continuous provocations from India. The sixth round of talks serves only to maintain the status quo, which is already very intense, and from that point they will find a possible agreement on disengagement. In other words, Beijing and New Delhi now need to start over to establish a new consensus through talks. ,Valdez is convinced such books were also part of Teotihuacan"s literary tradition, over a millennium before the bonfires.,Tibet"s GDP growth in the first quarter in 2020 ranked first in China. Among the 31 provincial regions in the Chinese mainland, Tibet was the only one that achieved a positive GDP growth in the first quarter.

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