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Tours both within and between provinces are booming. ,Global Times,  纾困法案何时能谈拢?,Last year, we have developed some of the programs under the BRI anyway. There are projects in the field of education, health, infrastructure, and the maintenance of the ecological improvement that we should jointly move forward. So these are the areas of priorities to be done during my time here in Beijing. ,US President Donald Trump initially signed an executive order imposing a November 12 deadline for ByteDance to sell or "spin off" TikTok"s operations in the US on national security grounds.,Similar to the Phase I trial, the volunteers will undergo medical observation six times - on the day after the second injection, the next day, day 14, day 28, six months and 12 months. ,Chinese airlines represent one of the biggest clients of Boeing, so whether the 737 MAX that Boeing used to pin high hopes on could reverse its dire strait will largely depend on its acceptance in the Chinese market.,There are still roads under construction. When we complete the roads and connect the two countries by the railway lines, then business activities will further increase. ,  另外,缅甸新一波疫情“来势汹汹”,二十多天内骤增9000多例,累计确诊病例已超万例。为防控疫情,缅甸已在全境实施旅行禁令,并将国际航班限航令延长至10月底。

疫情当前 美总统首场辩论不握手限人数,,
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